Friday, June 12, 2009

Constitutional rights for muslim swine
The president continues his work to make sure all of his muslim brothers are well cared for no matter what they have done or have tried to do. When American Military personnel on foreign soil fighting the war on terrorism take a muslim terrorist into custody they must now read them their Miranda rights. That’s right; the people who are trying to destroy this country and its constitution are being given the same constitutional rights they are trying to obliterate. This is supposedly being done to make sure that the FBI will be able to successfully press charges in a court of law. Yes, the FBI, not the CIA or any of the military intelligence agencies. The FBI is now conducting interrogations and investigations, complete with evidence gathering on foreign soil. This takes this aspect of the war on terror out of the proper hands and puts it in the hands of a federal police force with newly granted global operations.

Air France Crash and Terrorists
Although nothing has been determined for certain as to what caused the Air France plane to crash into the ocean, something rather interesting has turned up. The muslim community has become angry at the French government because there are now French troops fighting in Afghanistan. Two known muslim terrorists whose names were on a classified list of those posing a threat to the French government were on the passenger list of the doomed flight. As I said, nothing has been determined as to what caused the plane to crash but those two names on the passenger list sure does raise a great big red flag, doesn’t it?

Presidential Paranoia
OK, this last tidbit has nothing to do with the muslim community as a whole, just one muslim in particular, Ayatollah Obama. It seems that last month when the president spoke to the graduating mid-shipmen at the U. S. Naval Academy all cadets were instructed in writing to leave their ceremonial swords and anything else that could be “considered a threat by screeners” at home or in their cars. It would seem our president is worried that the newest officers in the navy he commands may attack him. I can only conclude that either he knows he’s doing a really lousy job or his speech was more boring than usual.
Interestingly one of the things on the list of band items was an umbrella. Cadets were forbidden to bring an umbrella to the graduation ceremonies. I can understand this, though. Just last week I was attacked by a nine foot tall grizzly bear carrying an umbrella. Now, I can handle grizzlies with no trouble, but when I saw the umbrella I got really scared. One of the spokes could have made a big scratch on my arm resulting in a massive one or two cc blood loss. It took six hours but I finally wore the bear down and got the umbrella away from him. Once I did that the tables were turned and I gave him a whuppen’ he’ll not soon forget! He headed back to the woods as fast as his four legs would carry him.

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