Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Just few more words about the soldier who was murdered outside a Little Rock recruiting station. The name of his killer is Abdulhakim Muhammad, a name he chose after converting to the islamic cult. He was born Carlos Bledsoe. He shot this twenty four year old hero because he disagrees with our nation’s ongoing wars against terrorism in Iraq and Afghanistan on religious grounds. Also, while the media loathe to report the truth, that this was a terrorist act, the Little Rock authorities have charged the murderer with committing a terrorist act amongst other crimes.
It is possible the media is not doing much to let the people of this country know this act was one of terrorism is because they are being pressured by the current administration to refrain from saying anything negative about the islamic cultists. In his recent speech at a university in Cairo President Barak Obama informed the world that it is his duty as president “to fight against negative stereotypes of Islam.” Not surprisingly he has made no such promise, or feels no obligation to defend Christianity. Also, although he denied it all during his campaign for the presidency, President Obama now admits that he was born a muslim. The need to make this admission may in reality been unnecessary since it shows in some of his habits. When speaking the names Muhammad and Abraham, both important figures in the muslim cult, he immediately added “peace be upon them” a declaration that is unique to followers of the islamic cult. Also, he has begun to publically refer to the writings of the murdering pedophile Muhammad (the original not the murderer of the soldier in Arkansas) as the “Holy Koran.” No need to worry, I’m sure all of this has nothing to do with the islamic goal of destroying the “great satan” (meaning the United States).

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